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Innovative products developed for each task in mind

Ambimization deals with all types of surface contamination – from paint and ink to highly carbonised metals – with a family of fluids and proprietary machinery, designed for each task.


APWF provides the same level of performance as traditional high contact solvents, without any of the negative side effects. It can be used for both manual and cavitation cleaning.


AGWS removes all types of paint, including primers – both water and solvent-based – and can be used in both ATEX and non-ATEX approved zones.

Machine Products


Ambimization is delivering an irreversible step-change in productivity in process and parts cleaning Delivered to our customers as a ‘Solution-as-a-Service’, there is no up-front cost and each customer benefits from a tailored service plan, based on their usage, delivering regular supplies of fluid and regular machine servicing, as part of a monthly subscription.

Fluid-only contracts are also available for large-scale in-situ process cleaning applications.

Ambimization delivers value by delivering:

  • High-performance, accurate, fast cleaning
  • Reduced workplace risk
  • Process efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption by removing the need for heating and ventilation
  • Lower VOC levels (6.5%) – cutting tariff charges
  • Lower levels of waste and recycling
  • Higher-quality, longer-lasting surface finishes, post-cleaning
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