“Going Green in 2019” Tom Sands, CEO at Safe Solvents

In recent years there has been a step-change in the eco-consciousness of both businesses and consumers in the UK. From the elimination of plastic straws from cafes to theefforts to reduce food packaging waste more and more organisations are focusing on their environmental responsibility in 2019.

The automotive sector has been at the forefront of many environmental transitions, from producing hybrid cars to manufacturing the first solar-powered vehicle. This innovative thinking is testament to the commitment of the industry to adapt to external changes and future-proof both itself and the planet, based on a willingness to look at old practices from new perspectives and challenge the status quo.

At Safe Solvents, we have long channelled the spirit of innovation. We were convinced that there must be an environmentally-friendly means of cleaning parts without using toxic chemicals or excessive energy.

Instead, we worked to develop a range of water-based, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic cleaning fluids which are hydrocarbon-free and operate at ambient temperatures, without any detriment to the cleaning performance. What’s more, our fluids are comprised of 80% water, and have unique splitting properties which allows for the majority of the product to go straight down the drain rather than having them collected by a hazardous waste removal team.

Our environmental ethos has influenced the development of all of our machines, such as our Shockwave Pro 3000 which delivers highly efficient cleaning that uses less energy than a traditional hot wash.

Ultimately, environmental innovation doesn’t have to be a grand affair. Sometimes it is a case of taking something which already exists and doing it better. Making the switch from toxic chemicals to ‘green’ cleaning fluids can help parts washers across the UK to become environmentally responsible, while also helping our planet along the way.

There is a better way for the environment – join the environmental revolution and ditch the toxic chemicals.

For more information on the Shockwave Pro 3000 system, and Safe Solvent’s efficient, affordable and environmentally-responsible parts washing solutions, please visit:

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