• 26.11.2019 | Company and Products
    What is Ambimization?

    Ambimization delivers value for all businesses in de-greasing, component cleaning, parts washing and surface treatment, whether using solvents or heated detergents on a standalone basis, or with specific part-washing equipment. 

  • 09.09.2019 | Case Studies | Customers

    Sheffield is renowned for the way it has shaped British industry over the last 300 years. While the mines and foundries may no longer be the driving economic force they once were, one manufacturer – Gripple – has set-up shop in the city and generated a fixings empire reaching as far as Australia.

    Gripple was founded by former wire salesman, Hugh Facey, in the 1980s after discussing the woes of connecting fencing with a frustrated farmer on a Welsh hillside.

  • 22.08.2019 | Company and Products

    The Typhoon replaces the traditional sink-on-drum, manual cleaning machine. It provides three options: (i) tap (ii) flow-through cleaning brush (iii) soaking tank – with trays and working areas to scrub or soak components in the APWF Ambimization fluid.

    The Typhoon is available in two sizes: T450 (900 x 660 x 1000mm) and T650 (1170 x 660 x 1000mm)

  • 19.08.2019 | Company and Products

    The Monsoon Pro Air is an air-powered spray gun cleaner, able to remove primers, as well as water and solvent-based paints. Using our non-flammable and non-toxic AGWS Ambimization fluid, it can be used in both ATEX and non-ATEX approved zones

    The Monsoon’s moveable, magnetic holder can accommodate most spray guns sizes, and air-dries all components ready for immediate use.

  • 11.08.2019 | Company and Products

    The Shockwave Pro 3000 is a high-efficiency automated, ultrasonic cleaning machine. It uses APWF Ambimization fluid and 3000 watts of energy to create microscopic bubbles which release localised energy upon impact. This allows the Shockwave to blast dirt and grease away from the smallest crevices, and its submersible electronic lifting bed allows easy loading of heavy parts.

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